Please note: By using any Lou Fusz Athletic fields/facilities, you agree to abide by the following rules and policies. Anyone misusing the fields or disobeying these rules and policies is subject to be removed from the premises. Thank you.

Field Rentals

If you would like to rent a quarter field , half field, or full field send an email to with your information. To view our field rates and info, please click LFA Soccer Complex or LFA Training Center  regarding each facility.

Field Policies

1. “Friendly Game” Usage and Assignments

“Special Use” field assignments (e.g. friendlies, MRL, etc) are to be pre-approved and coordinated with Club Administrator at

2. Parents/Spectators

Parents/Spectators are asked to adhere to the rules re: “Coaches/Players Only” on the training fields. The signs and sidewalks on the perimeter of the fields at the Creve Coeur complex form the line where parents/spectators should remain during training…they should not be on the training fields at CC, or all other fields as well.

While the club realizes that parents wish to view their children practicing, having parents on the fields offers many distractions for both the players and the coaches and degrades the training process. There is also the potential of injury to parents/spectators from stray soccer balls, etc as well as harm to the training fields with lawn chairs, etc.

We ask that all parents/spectators wait on the sidewalks during all training sessions.

3. Foot Traffic on fields

Please heed the signs that are posted on the fields re: foot traffic. The fields may be in use for training, games, and other special scrimmages. When signs are in place please adhere to there message and instruction, DO NOT walk across the field in order to go to another field/area.

Your adherence to these policies is appreciated.

Practice/Training Weather Policies

Winter Training
U12 Age Group and Younger
“Feels like” 32 and below = no training
U13/U14 Age Group
“Feels like” 30 and below real feel = no training
U15+ Age Groups
“Feels like” 25 and below real feel = no training

The above temperature guidelines may be just one factor that could influence the decision to play or not to play even if the field conditions are playable. Other factors that might influence the decision include wind, rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, etc.

Summer Training
80-90 Degrees
Training Encouraged
91-104 Degrees
Training Allowed
* Coaches should be aware of cramps and heat exhaustion with prolonged physical activity, keep close watch on all athletes
105+ Degrees
No Training Allowed

The above temperature guidelines may be just one factor that could influence the decision to play or not to play even if the field conditions are playable. Other factors that might influence the decision include wind, rain, lightning.

Artificial Turf Usage

The following rules are to be adhered to while using the artificial turf fields at the Lou Fusz Soccer Complex and the Lou Fusz Training Center. These rules are put in place to ensure the enjoyment of games for all participants, and to ensure the longevity of the artificial turf for soccer players and fans across the St. Louis metro area. Teams and spectators not conducting themselves in an orderly and sportsmanlike manner or not in compliance with the complex rules and regulations may be evicted from the premises by the Facility manager, supervisor or other Lou Fusz Athletic representatives. Lou Fusz Athletic reserves the right to restrict future use of the facility to those teams, not in compliance with the rules of the complex. Please communicate these rules to your team membership.

No metal cleats. Molded rubber cleats, running shoes, or any other soft soled shoes are acceptable.

Please check and clean footwear prior to accessing the field to avoid soiling and staining of the field from dirt and mud.

No smoking, tobacco products or alcohol will be allowed anywhere at the complex.

Food or beverages, including gum, seeds, nuts or sports drinks are not permitted. Water only.

No glass bottles or glass containers of any type.

Substances that may stain the turf, such as ointments or sunscreen must be kept at player benches or outside the fenced area.

No pets.

No tents, canopies or any other type of outdoor furniture. Folding chairs are permitted on the outside perimeter and not on the playing surface.

No stakes, posts, poles, or markers of any kind may be driven into the field.

Staking of sharp objects (including flags, shade structures, and tents) into the turf is prohibited.

All goals, corner flags and players benches are to remain on their designated field and should not be moved for any reason. Failure to comply could result in suspension of playing and/or rental privileges.

Marking, painting or taping on any surface is strictly prohibited.

Goals currently placed on fields (box goals and wheeled goals) are not to be removed from the turf facility.

When moving wheeled goals, please make sure wheels are engaged.  DO NOT pull the goals across the turf without wheels.

Trash cans are provided outside the fence. Please clean up trash.

The fields will be occasionally closed for maintenance and at such times as weather dictates.

Please do not pick or pull grass fibers or infill material on the field.

No bikes, roller blades, skateboards or etc.

Do not jump the fence; please use the marked entrance areas.

No walking or running on the straw covered areas.