Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you do not see you question in the list below, and cannot find the answer on one of our other pages, please contact Marc Lillibridge.

Q1. What are the Lou Fusz Football “in area” boundaries used by the American Youth Football League?
Answer: There are no boundaries in the AYFL

Q2. How will I know if practice is cancelled due to heat/rain?
Answer: Coaches ALWAYS have the option to move practices indoors to the LFA Training Center (address: 1 Athletic Dr, Earth City, MO 63045). The coach and business managers should keep on top of this and alert parents if a cancellation occurs.
Practices cancelled due to heat are controlled by The LFA Executive Board and Children's Hospital Athletic Trainers using data from a Heat Index Machine which is used to collect the wet bulb temperature at the field by 4:30 pm. Concerning is when the outside temperature is greater than 90 degrees at the field.

Q3. Is tailgaiting allowed? What food or drink can we bring on practice days or game days?
Answer: 2020 guidelines prohibits tailgating due to COVID-19 restrictions

General Tailgating Rules (2021 and beyond)
— No fires (ie. gas or charcoal)
— No glass bottles
— Be respectful to others, referees, coaches and the opponent.
— Please clean up after yourselves.
— Families are encouraged to bring food from home.
—Since the concession stand is open on the weekends, teams are asked NOT to bring in food from outside vendors or have it delivered.
— Tailgating in the parking lot is discouraged on game days due to heavy traffic volume and for your safety.

Q4. What age or grade level does Lou Fusz Football start?
Answer: Lou Fusz Football no longer uses a grade based system. Boys are placed on teams based on their age during the season. When this change was made, the birthday cut-off date moved to July 31st. That is to say a boy on the 8U tackle team can turn 8 years old in August and still qualify for the 8U team. Boys are allowed to 'play up' an age level but not down a level.

Q5. When can I register my athlete for the upcoming season?
Answer: Public registration begins February 1. All registrations will be handled through our website,

Q6. Can I pick whose team my athlete will play on?
Answer: For returning players, you can request to remain on the same team as last year or enter the draft pool, but you cannot request a specific coach.
For new players, there will be a place on the registration form to select a coach that you anticipate will be coaching your age level for next season.  Although there are no guarantees, we will do everything possible to assign your child the coach of your choice. Team assignments will be made late spring so you should receive a letter from his/her coach in June.

Q7. Where will practices be held?
Answer: Practices will be held at both Lou Fusz Athletic Training Center and Lou Fusz Athletic Soccer Complex.  All home games will be played on the field turf at the Lou Fusz Athletic Training Center.

Q8. How many nights a week do teams practice?
Answer: Practices will vary depending on the coach. Typically, teams practice five nights a week the first two weeks of practice. The third week, again depending on the coach, practice usually drops back to two to three times a week. Specific practice nights will vary by team but typically Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm.

Q9. When will we receive our game schedules?
Answer: The AYFL will release these approx. 10 days prior to our first game. This information will be handed out by your team Business Manager.

Q10. What is a team fund?
Answer: This money is collected by the team Business Manager for individual teams to be used for team items such as, year end party and awards, extra team items such as socks or special team activities.  Fundraisers will be available during the season to raise funds.

Q11. When is the season over?
Answer: Usually the first or second week in November. Year end tournaments and playoffs could push the season until the week before Thanksgiving – more information will be forthcoming from the AYFL.

Q12. How do I express a comment?
Answer: Please send an e-mail to LFA Director of Football, Marc Lillibridge,

Q14. What additional equipment should I buy my athlete, and where is the best place to get it?
Answer: Additional equipment that is required includes a mouthpiece, practice pants and cleats. Anything additional is optional and personal choices for each family, but some items that can be considered are: elbow and forearm pads, gloves, under gear clothing for under pads and jersey (works well for warm or cold weather – wicks moisture).

Q15. When will uniforms and jerseys be handed out?  Equipment checkout?
Answer: Uniforms and jerseys will be handed out to teams on a team-by-team basis.  Equipment checkout is usually two separate days in July. Details will be on the website.  Each athlete will be fitted for shoulder pads and a helmet. A $200 check will be held for a deposit and returned once gear is returned in good condition.

Q16. Where do I park on home game days?
Answer: There is the large parking lot in the front at the Lou Fusz Athletic Training Center. There is also parking on the road to the east of the building.

Q17. Will there be concessions available for purchase?
Answer: Lou Fusz Athletic has a team store located inside the building as well as tents set up with food and drinks for purchase.

Q18. Where can I get a copy of Gateway League rules?
Answer: Gateway rules are available on our website - click here to go to that page. (link

Q19. When are parental/doctor consent forms due?
Answer: VERY IMPORTANT - These should be turned in August 1st before practice.  EVERY athlete MUST have a physical performed before they will be allowed to practice and play in games. Link to AYFL Rules

Q20. Are parents allowed on the fields during practices?
Answer: Only players and coaches are allowed on the fields per Lou Fusz Athletic rules. There will be good viewing areas around the fields – parents are encouraged to use this area to watch practice.

Q21. What days are games held and where will they be played?
Answer: Games will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from early September to early November. Half of the games (All on Sundays) will be at our home field (Lou Fusz Athletic Training Center) and half will be away games at our opponent's fields.

Q22.  Who is allowed to coach?
Answer:  All Lou Fusz Football coaches must pass a background check and pass a Heads Up coaching test through USA Football.  Any person asked or who volunteers to coach must pass both.  Lou Fusz Football takes this very seriously and pays for the expense to make sure our coaches are of the highest level.