How to address Referees:

No Assistant Coach, Parent or Player will address, talk to, or argue at the referees during the game. The Head Coach of the team, by definition, must insure that all these parties understand their role — talking or arguing with referees is not their responsibility, only the Head Coach should address the referees. That should be very infrequent and only if they are fully versed on the MHSSA High School Football rules and the rules of the AYFL. Note: referees are simply at the games to administer the rules of the game, they are not required to provide an explanation, they "may" do so as a courtesy.

Player Migration:

Under no condition should any LFA Head Coach or Assistant Coach actively recruit, directly or indirectly, any player currently playing for another LFA team.

If you are approached by the parents of a boy on another LFA team wanting to migrate to your team, you and your Assistant Coaches are not to engage in a dialogue with them.  Refer them to the Director of Football.

Parents who are completely adamant about their boy not playing for the same Head Coach should be told that the LFA Board will take their request under advisement under the following condition: They are willing for their boy to play for ANY of the other LFA teams in their age group and that this transition is 100% about needing to leave one team, and 0% about wanting to go to another specific team.  The LFA Exec Board will determine what team the boy is placed on.This policy applies also to boys on teams which, for whatever reason, do not have a Head Coach at the moment.

Migration requests should be sent to for review with the Executive Board and the Coaching Coordinators.

Minimum Plays:

Framework: All ages there is an eight (8) play minimum, at least four (4) of which have to come on offense or defense.  Extra points with no rush do not count. This number changes to six (6) during the playoffs with a minimum of three (3) from line of scrimmage.

Reporting: Anyone can report to the exec board or coaching coordinator.  The coach must provide game film and offer a rebuttal within 1 day from notification of the exec board or coaching coordinator or will be deemed guilty and be subject to repercussions.

Coaches Rebuttal: The coach can justify and the exec board will accept justification if the reason is deemed reasonable by the exec board.  Unless blatantly obvious, the exec board will assume the coach is truthful in his response and it will be accepted. Examples of valid reasons are the player said he did not want to go in or was hurt, the parent asked the parent not to put the player in, the player violated stated team rules, etc.  Examples of invalid reasons would be " I got caught up in the game and it got away from me", the player only plays X position and did not have many opportunities this game, the coach is concerned the player will get hurt, the player is terrible, etc.

Repercussions: If the rebuttal is deemed unacceptable, the first time will be a warning, the 2nd time will be a one game suspension and the 3rd time will be a suspension for the rest of the season and a review at the end of the year by the exec board about being able to coach in the future.

Emergency Procedures:

LFA has emergency procedures for injury and general safety. Those procedures are available on the Emergency Procedures page.