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How to Join LFA Football

Lou Fusz Athletic (LFA) has something for everyone. LFA is a non-profit 501(C)3 youth sports organization helping young athletes (K-12) learn the fundamentals of the best team game in sports through hard work, effort and passion. The Skills Acquisition Program & Blue Helmet Academy is a revolutionary football development program designed to coach players level-by-level so that they learn all aspects of the game and gain appreciation for all positions on the field.  We also offer seasonal competitive Flag Football Teams and Tackle Football Teams as well as several camps & training programs for all ages.

NEW! LFA's All-Inclusive Football Package

Save 50% OFF for the whole year on LFA Football Programs & Teams when you sign up with our All-Inclusive Package! This package pays for all of your registration fees for 2020 including the following programs: Flag Football, Tackle Football, SAP / Blue Helmet Academy, Skills & Drills, and Youth Football Combine. (Some programs are age restricted*)

Camps & Recreational Football

These programs are designed to introduce the game in a fun, safe and educational environment while teaching the athletes the basics of football. We place an emphasis on teaching the proper techniques / skills to improve players' abilities and football IQ. Learn more about our seasonal Camps & Training Programs and see what's available this season for you!

Flag Football

Indoor and outdoor flag football will be available to athletes from ages five (5) to twelve (12) year-round. For the younger ages, this is a supplement for Rookie Level 2 and SAP- Novice. The athletes will continue to work on their skills and development in a fun, secure setting while also adding the competitive aspect to the game. For more advanced players, flag football will work as a stepping stone to Flex Football from SAP-Juniors and Varsity. Spring Flag Football or  Summer Flag Football teams available

Tackle Football

Lou Fusz Football is the standard bearer for how youth football will be played in the United States. Available for athletes in 4th grade to 8th grade, each athlete that plays for a LFA team will receive excellent coaching but must be willing to work hard, on and off the field. Tackle football is a cumulation of development, skills and drills, flag and flex wrapped into one. The best part of tackle is any young athlete can continue in the previously mentioned sessions to take their tackle game to the next level. 8U–14U Tackle football teams.