Get Started w/ Soccer


Welcome to LFA Soccer

Hello! Lou Fusz Athletic (LFA) has something for everyone from recreational programs to competitive club-soccer teams. We've been a family-oriented club since 1992 when Lou Fusz Senior and Don Popovic started the first soccer teams as a non-profit 501(C)3 youth sports organization. Our goal is helping young athletes (K–12) learn the fundamentals of the beautiful game while developing into a well-rounded soccer player with an emphasis on becoming a more competitive club overall.

Soccer Camps & Training // Ages 4–18

LFA offers a number a soccer camps & training programs for youth players of all ages to help improve their skills and technical abilities outside of the team environment. We offer our Little Lou's Soccer program for the youngest players to start learning how to maneuver and understand their bodies with a ball at their feet. We also offer week long summer camps as well as specialized training for older ages like goalie specific training and technical/finishing sessions.  CLICK HERE for our seasonal Camps & Training offerings.


Rookies Seasonal Program // Ages 5–12

If your child is interested in playing soccer or has never played before, we recommend starting with our recreational programs. Our recreational, seasonal Rookies Programs are open to the public. These programs are designed to introduce the sport in a fun and safe environment while teaching the athletes what they need to know if they want to advance in soccer. Please CLICK HERE to learn more and register for one of our seasonal offerings.

Star Academy // Ages 8–12

The Star Academy is an invite only program that exists to identify players that are ready for the challenge of an increased emphasis on technical training and a competitive atmosphere. The curriculum is based around a focused training program designed to teach the natural movements (ie. running, jumping, shuffling, etc.) of a soccer player while athletes are learning to understand their bodies with a ball at their feet. All players will have a ball throughout training and begin to develop the balance and agility necessary to build a stable foundation to grow from in the game. CLICK HERE for more info

Competitive Club Soccer // Ages 13–19

If your child is interested in playing on a competitive team, please CLICK HERE for the new soccer player inquiry form. You will get invited to meet with our coaches based on the player's age and information you provide below.  In order to complete/finalize registration with any of our soccer teams, the coach will have to email you a registration link for his/her specific team. We do not have an open/public registration form for competitive soccer teams; registration is by team invite only from the coach of that specific team.