Soccer Development Pathway

Camps/Recreational Programs
Our soccer foundation has options open to all ages and skill levels of soccer from beginners to elite players. LFA teaches players the fundamental principles of soccer and a love of the game.
• Little Lou’s Soccer (2–5yo, on- & off-site options)
• Seasonal Indoor/Outdoor Programs (5–14yo, recreational)
• Elite Soccer Camps (5–14yo)
• Finishing School (7–18yo)
• Goalkeeping Academy (9–18yo)
• Private 1-on-1 Training sessions

Star Academy: U6–U8 (2015–2013)
Enjoying the Game. Natural movements (running, jumping, shuffling etc.) are all part of these players learning to understand their bodies within the game of soccer. All players will have a ball throughout training and begin to develop the balance and agility necessary to a stable foundation to grow in the game. Basic movements, touches, and control are taught through fun and engaging games. A strong emphasis is put on the individual ability of the player with a ball at their feet, and an introduction into team play at younger ages.

Juniors: U9–U12 (2012–2009)
Fundamental Mastery: Teaching the fundamental techniques to be able to perform in a game occurs during this time period – the best in one’s career to acquire technique. Dominating opponents with 1v1 work is a continued focus, while learning in a team environment is the progression. Concepts of spacing, support, and defending in pairs & combinations to attack will begin during this developmental phase.

Futures: U13–U15 (2008–2006)
Application of Technique: At these ages players learn better how to apply the technique they have in the game. They understand consequences for good or bad execution and processing tactical decisions. Gamesmanship and understanding the nuances of the game and opponent and considered more seriously. Strategic decisions and how best to perform to get a result is prevalent in an environment that breeds competition. We push ourselves, and challenge our teammates to commit to improvement every day.

Prospects: U16–U18 (2005–2002)
Competitive Stage: Polishing and improving a complete player comes through a focus on the whole, tactical / physical / mental / psychosocial. Players will have opportunities to take additional competitive steps with US Youth National Teams, MLS Academies, and opportunities abroad. Teams will continue to grow and compete on a regional and national scale, developing an appreciation for a goal oriented process. We will showcase our homegrown St. Louis talent for college scouts across the country and Midwest.