Uniforms & Policies (2020/2021 Season):

Uniform Colors & Restrictions:
• Uniform = Red & White Reversible LFA Uniform, LFA Grey Shorts, White LFA Undershirt/ Training Top
• White helmet for boys is preferred.
• Red, white, or blue socks are preferred for game days. Please do not wear any other noticeably visible colors (i.e. - no tall green socks)
• No coach/team/player/parent is allowed to add additional logos or sponsorship decoration to any uniform after purchase/ production.
• No coach, player or team is allowed to wear/produce any non-approved, club uniforms during games
• Contact lacrosse@loufuszathletic.com for any additional questions regarding uniforms.

Boys will receive a traditional sleeveless that is red/white reversible. Girls Will receive a racer-back sleeveless uniform top. Uniform tops should be worn to all games and also be brought to all practices so that we can do small team based drills and training.

Logo Reproduction Policy:

To request permission to reproduce the Lou Fusz Athletic word-mark or crest, please follow the below guidelines:
• Apparel or items must be in official LFA colors/gear - red, royal blue or white / Adidas gear or non-branded items
• Co-branding a Lou Fusz Athletic logo in conjunction with any other logo is prohibited
• Items must be for team/player use, no retailing of Lou Fusz Athletic apparel is allowed (i.e. No fundraising)

E-mail a description of your request and/or detailed proof of the item intended for production for permission from Lou Fusz Athletic to uniforms@loufuszathletic.com

Helpful Hints:

• Our uniform provider does not accept returns on logo/numbered product.
• All items are shipped to Lou Fusz Athletic, and we will distribute uniforms during practices.
• Uniforms are yours to keep. If you are playing multiple seasons you will use the same uniform received for the Spring of that year.
• 2nd replacement uniform available for purchase if first is lost/stolen/destroyed