General Info

Lou Fusz Athletic's football camps and "Skills & Drills Training" programs are the perfect way to teach young athletes' the fundamentals of football. LFA Football also offers training to high school athletes and even beyond to further develop the growing players' technical skills and knowledge of the game! Lou Fusz Football has a team, a camp, a training session or event for every athlete whether you are a first-time player all the way to a professional athlete. The St. Louis BattleHawks use the LFA Training Center as their home base. This affords athletes partaking in LFA sponsored camps and sessions some of the highest quality football training in the St. Louis area. From current college players to former NFL players, players at LFA Football learn the newest and latest techniques to improve their game!

The Lou Fusz Football approach is to provide quality instruction, focusing on basic fundamentals & skill development through fun and interactive training sessions. These programs progress each week and by the end of each skills & drills session, depending on their level of advancement, will gain knowledge of all the positions on a football field! All of the sessions will also incorporate motor skill development, spatial awareness and teamwork. Many of our camps do not require the use of helmets and pads, so if you are new to the game or looking for position specific practice, we've got a camp for you!

Area college players and coaches work as position coaches ensuring each athlete the highest level of PROPER football coaching. Former professionals also spend time working at Lou Fusz Football camps sessions. As a parent, you can trust your athlete is getting not only some of top-notch coaching in St. Louis, but in the country.