Lou Fusz Athletic

Driving the Future

Lou Fusz Athletic

Driving the Future

Junior Championships

Dates: November 8–10, 2024
Ages: Boys U9–U15 Girls U9–U15 Gold, Silver, Bronze 250+ Teams Annually
Registration Deadline: September 22, 2024

Midwest Fall Invitational

Dates: September 20–22, 2024
Ages: Boys U8–U15 Girls U8–U19 Gold, Silver, Bronze 300+ Teams Annually
Registration Deadline: August 18, 2024

Back to Soccer Friendlies (LFA Club Members Only)

Dates: August 10, 2024
Ages: Club Internal Only Event Boys U8–U18 Girls U8–U18 Gold, Silver, Bronze
Registration Deadline: July 16, 2024

St. Louis Summer Slam

Dates: July 13-14, 2024
Ages: Boys: HS, 14u, 12u, 10u Girls: HS, 14u, 12u, 10u ('A', 'B', and 'C' level divisions available at all age groups)
Registration Deadline: June 21, 2024

Gateway Memorial Classic

Dates: May 24-26, 2024
Ages: Boys and Girls U8-U20
Registration Deadline: May 1, 2024

Midwest Spring Cup

Dates: May 3-5, 2024
Ages: Boys & Girls U8-U15
Registration Deadline: March 15th, 2024

Midwest Spring Invitational

Dates: April 26-28, 2024
Ages: Boys U8–U19 Girls U8–U15
Registration Deadline: March 8, 2024

Presidents Day Friendlies

Dates: February 16-18, 2024
Ages: Boys U8–U19 Girls U8–U19 150+ Teams Annually
Registration Deadline: January 19, 2024

We Believe

That every 90 minutes is an opportunity for our young athletes to earn an impressionable moment that will last a lifetime. That's why we unlock the full potential in our youth every day. 

Lou Fusz Athletic

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