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Through daily practice of the 5 points of the Fusz Philosophy (our core values), we encourage and inspire our coaches and players to commit every day. By developing these character traits and guiding principles within our club, we are instilling our young athletes and the mentors that guide them with the tools that will develop their skill and character to contribute on and off the field.

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    A fundamental of our life and sport. Respect the game, the opponent, our teammates, and oneself.

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    Hard Work

    We believe in an appreciation of the process. There is a discipline required to improve, and an ethic to commit to development. By putting in the effort day in and day out, the edge will be ours mentally and physically when game day arrives

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    By cultivating a fun environment, our young athletes develop a passion for the sport that requires enjoyment in the face of adversity. Soccer is a challenging game that creates incredible bonds that span lifetimes

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    An ambition to achieve, and continually refine our goals as we set and reset our bar. Excellence is a daily practice to consistently better our craft

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    For us is the continual pursuit of forward motion. We believe there will never be a time when we have reached our peak

Club Philosophy

What we stand for


Lou Fusz Athletic


Respect everyone on field & in the facility

Hard work during practices & during games

Enjoyment of playing & watching games

Excellence from all teams deserve applause

Progress is made on & off of field

Lou Fusz Athletic

PLay your part

The Athletes play the game

The Referees officiate the game

The Coaches coach the team

Parents/Fans cheer & encourage

Club Philosophy


Sportsmanship is the fair and generous treatment of others in sports and is essential to the development of a good player. There are many qualities of good sportsmanship including respect & fairness towards the opponents/officials and enjoyment of the game. It creates a strong sense of fellowship with your competitors. It involves being both a "good winner" and "good loser". It is achieved by showing self-control, courage, good form, integrity, and persistence during the game. Always accept responsibility for any mistakes you have made and keep your perspective in the game. Understanding and practicing these ideas are critical to the longevity and enjoyment of the sport; a balance among them must be found to demonstrate true sportsmanship.

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Lou Fusz Athletic

Club Benefits

Free Inhouse Soccer Technical Training

Fusz Technical Training is offered to all Lou Fusz soccer teams and ONLY Lou Fusz players! Teams are encouraged to take advantage of this exceptional training offered by LFA and our premier trainers each Spring and Fall.
Fusz Goalkeeper Training specific training will be offered as well!
Coaches are encouraged to view and take part in the technical training programs so they may bring these skills back to their teams. NOTE: The club would prefer your team to participate in club training whether its once or several times, so we encourage you to NOT schedule your practice times the same as club training when possible.

Young Athlete Center's Certified Trainers

The orthopedic and sports medicine team at the Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Young Athlete Center is dedicated to caring for kids of all ages with sports-related injuries. Lou Fusz Athletic has an exclusive partnership with Young Athlete Center included having their certified Athletic Trainers on-site during the week for practices and during weekend games at our home facilities. Find out more about the YAC and their trainers. Click here

Lou Fusz Automotive Network Discount

The Lou Fusz Automotive Benefit for Club Members. As a member of the Lou Fusz Athletic family, Lou Fusz Automotive would like to tell you about a few benefits you receive. Learn how your family can get their next car through our program and save not just goals but dollars! Click Here