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The Skills Acquisition Program

Developmental • Ages 2 - 12+

The Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) is a one-of-a-kind initiative that will revolutionize the way football is coached and taught. Starting as young as five years old and progressing through their college years, the fundamentals learned through SAP will pay a lifetime of dividends. The core foundation of playing football will be taught through phases. Once an athlete shows the proper development for the required skills at each phase, then they will advance. SAP will teach football from the ground up, showcasing every position at a young age then focusing on position specific fundamentals as they advance. This allows each player to understand ALL aspects of the game. This system of teaching also makes each athlete a better teammate since they will fully grasp what each member on the team is doing.

Program overview

Little Lou's

Ages: 2-3

LFA Little Lou's Football program is specially geared towards our young, brand-new players with limited or zero experience. These camps are open to anyone and everyone, regardless of experience and skill level. The camp features fun games and training to teach the fundamentals of every position on the field from the OL to LB to QB to K/P. Players will receive instruction from top area coaches and players. Most importantly, WE HAVE FUN! NO EQUIPMENT / NO CONTACT. The goal of Lil Lou’s is to provide a safe high energy learning environment to ensure our youth fall in love with the sport of football. Our graduates progress into our Flag Football Leagues, which run year-round! 


Ages: 5-9

Welcome to the second step of Lou Fusz Football youth development. Our LFA Rookies program is intended to identify some of our youth performers that are ready for a challenge and provide them with continued fundamental growth to allow for the safest progression to tackle football. Our focus is placed firmly on fundamental development through fun games and drills with instruction from top college and high school coaches in the area. Our rookies will start to participate in limited-contact drills without pads to break down the skills necessary to achieve the safest and most successful tackling techniques. Lou Fusz Athletic believes that football taught properly from the ground up maximizes our athlete's ability to stay on the field and out of the training room. Graduates of the LFA Football Rookie’s program are encouraged to join our year-round flag football leagues, with the possibility of joining our Blue Star tackle football teams. 


Ages: 8-11

Our Juniors Program is the third step of the SAP. LFA Junior program is intended for individuals that have separated themselves from other players their age, in terms of fundamental development and dedication to the sport. Smaller, position-specific training sessions allow our athletes to continue their personal growth while ensuring they develop the proper skill set, which will set them apart from their peers. LFA Juniors are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to participate on LFA Football tackle teams. These teams will provide them with the competition level necessary to sharpen the skills learned from bi-weekly practices. 

Junior Varsity

Ages: 10-13

Junior Varsity athletes are individuals that have been identified by Lou Fusz coaches as top performers within the club. The LFA Football JV program provides position-specific training in small groups allowing maximum repetition and high-level instruction. Tackle drills will be commonplace to ensure every athlete has a strong background in proper tackle technique and fundamentals, allowing our athletes to stay on the field and out of the training room. LFA Junior Varsity Program will strive to produce cognitive athletes by including film work and chalkboard sessions, so all athletes have a strong understanding of football theory. JV athletes are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to join Blue Star LFA Tackle Football teams so they can sharpen their skills learned against top competition.  


Ages: 12+

LFA Football is excited to provide small group, position-specific training for high-level football players in the area. Our Varsity program is intended for athletes that are interested in trying to play football at the college level (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JC). Former college level coaches provide our Varsity athletes with high intensity football centered workouts to ensure they are fundamentally sound and develop next-level football skills. Contact drills are administered in a highly supervised environment to allow our Varsity players to continue to stay safe within this violent game. Along with the position specific instruction, our Varsity athletes will receive recruiting guidance from Director of Football, Jeff Fell, to allow our athletes to better themselves both on and off the field. Our Varsity program is the most comprehensive football instruction to allow our athletes to maximize their college opportunities. If you are serious about football, this is the program for you. 

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Football Program Contact Information

Jeff Fell
Executive Football Director

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Billy Jansen


"Great facility! Such an awesome asset for the St Louis metro area. Lou Fusz is also a great club. Highly recommend."

Jere Wilmering Jr.


"World Class facility in every way. And the staff are really kind and helpful caring people."

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"Been a great experience for my daughter. Love how her coach and the club focus on skill development, sportsmanship and love of the game!"