LFA at Home

LFA at Home

To our Players / Coaches / Parents ...

These are uncertain times, unfortunately without many answers offered right this second. However, the beautiful game that we play is a great teacher. It is a reason that sport offers us so much more than just what we experience on the field. We will use a few of the 5 points in our philosophy to guide us here as well.

* RESPECT Just like a team, there are more players on the field than just yourself. As frustrating as it will be, we must respect this
process and hope that our positive actions can have the effect we want on our society as a whole.
* HARD WORK \"The fight was won or lost far away from the witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road: long
before I danced under those lights.\" ~ Muhammed Ali
This is our opportunity to improve as players, and challenge ourselves to take another step towards returning stronger. To reach the next level, every player must take steps out of their comfort zone and ask themselves for more.
This page has a training schedule (click on the hyper links) for the next few weeks. 6 days of training and rest on the 7th. Push yourself, and if you want more, please reach out.
* ENJOYMENT Every TUES / THUR / FRI we go LIVE on Instagram! - LFA Technical Director David Critchley will be leading live-stream personal training sessions at 3pm on our Instagram page.
Get your boots on and get ready for a 45 minute session! LET\'S GO! The videos will be hosted on YouTube for future access.
* EXCELLENCE  This will not be over tomorrow. Excellence is a
result of a commitment to persistence. 90 minutes is a long time. The
game changes and takes on many different shapes within that time frame.
We will continue to adjust, and persevere to find that W!
* PROGRESS We continue to evaluate seasons, programming, and participation as this evolves and dates emerge, cancelling/compacting events. Please trust that all leagues are working on contingency plans for our next steps. As soon as we have information, we will share that with you, and how that affects financials. We are expecting State Cup & SLYSA updates in the beginning of April.

For the time being, all facilities will be closed. We will send out further communications when we believe programming can begin again. Thank you for your patience, and your commitment to the club!

Dan Gargan