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LFA Girls Lacrosse Program Updates

Over the past couple of months, Lou Fusz Athletic Lacrosse has been analyzing its year-round calendar, staff structure, and development model. The program is thrilled to announce the following upgrades to its girls lacrosse leadership team, high school tryouts, and invite everyone to the upcoming free tryout on January 23rd at the Lou Fusz Athletic Training Center.


Mission Statement

Lou Fusz Athletic Lacrosse is committed to the overall growth of St. Louis lacrosse through an increased focus on individual player development and encouraging participation of all youth around the Metro area. Through this sharpened focus, LFA Lacrosse is reshaping its program offerings and increasing staffing resources.


Free Tryout

  • January 23rd at the Lou Fusz Athletic Training Center Indoor Dome (Earth City)
    • HS Grad Years 2025-2027; 8-9:30PM
    • HS Grad Years 2028-2031; 7-8PM
  • Click here to signup for a spot today!


New HS Staff Directors

  • Brian Smith – Director of Coaching (Girls)
  • Jack Cribbin – Director of Events
  • Morgan Barlow – Director of Recruiting & Blue Star Coach
  • Max Ruhl – Blue Star Coach
  • Melissa Menchella – Blue Star Coach


Recruiting Resources

  • Free Sports Recruits Profile
  • Player Specific Advising from Experienced Directors with 20+ years experience