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Lou Fusz Athletic Lacrosse Battles and Wins at 2021 Indy Laxtoberfest

Lou Fusz Athletic Lacrosse Battles and Wins at 2021 Indy Laxtoberfest.

Lacrosse Teams Put on Dominant Display

Our Lou Fusz Athletic (LFA) Lacrosse program participated at the 2021 Indy Laxtoberfest in Westfield, Indiana. LFA Lacrosse was the club to bring the most teams to the tournament. We had seven girls teams representing Lou Fusz Athletic this past weekend October 16 and 17. Four of those teams reached the finals, three crowned themselves as champions and one placed silver.

“With the Blue Star National Elite team’s victory in the top bracket of the Laxtoberfest Finals over their in-town rivals, 410 West Black (long considered the best in town), we further proved we are the best club in St. Louis, the state of Missouri, and one of the top in the entire midwest.”

Todd Dillon

LFA Executive Lacrosse Director

All of our seven girls teams who participated travelled as a part of our Blue Star Academy. The Blue Star Academy is an advanced Summer, Fall and Winter travel team and technical training program focused on the development of our most competitive lacrosse players. Check out the following results:

  1. HSG 2022 Division Champion: Lou Fusz Blue Star National Elite
  2. MSG 2027/28 Division Champion: Lou Fusz Blue Star Premier 27/28
  3. HSG 2022/23 B Division Champion: Lou Fusz Blue Star MW Blue
  4. HSG 2024/25 Division Runner-up: Lou Fusz Blue Star National Premier 25/26

“We are so proud of how all our teams committed this weekend at Laxtoberfest. We are excited to kick off the fall tournament season with 3 Championships and 1 Runner Up Title. All our teams and coaches came together on and off the field. The reason we travel to tournaments is not only to win games, but to expose our kids to competition outside the St.Louis area.”

Natalie Simpson

LFA Girls’ Lacrosse Director

The LFA Girls’ Lacrosse program started two years ago in the middle of a global pandemic. Initially, the program started with only 100 girls. Our leaders have managed to double the size of the program. Today, LFA Lacrosse is officially best girls’ club in St. Louis and the state of Missouri. Most importantly, we are a family on and off the field. Stay tuned for bigger things to come!

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