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Lou Fusz Athletic Stands Up Against Racism

Lou Fusz Athletic makes public stance against discrimination, hate and racism.


Lou Fusz Athletic (LFA) stands up against racism. Following MLS Next initiative to combat hate and discrimination has led us to join the fight against racism. As a respected multi-sports organization, our soccer, lacrosse and football programs will never tolerate any racist behaviors on and off the pitch.

“We strive everyday to improve the environment we provide for our young athletes and families. We want every player we impact to know they are a welcome part of our family”

Dan Gargan

LFA Managing Partner & Soccer Director

LFA Managing Partner Daniel Gargan has spoken with our staff members to lead the way in the fight against discrimination. One of the steps taken was to start an honest conversation during a staff meeting to talk about racism. Another step was to share a list of banned terms with our club leaders. Finally, our directors and coaches have committed to monitor our club’s athletic complexes in order to stop any racist conduct.

“Racism has no place in sports and life! The beautiful thing about sports is that it brings people together from all different backgrounds and all over the world.”

Natalie Simpson

LFA Lacrosse Director of Girls’ Player Development

Today, Lou Fusz Athletic makes a public stance against discrimination, hate and racism. We are following after a variety of professional sports organizations, leagues and teams around the world such as FIFA and the Premier League. Our club stands for a progressive and inclusive place where all youth feels safe and secure. Join our movement to fight racism!

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