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Missouri State Cup

Lou Fusz Athletic is proud to have hosted the 2018 (High School Girls) Missouri State Cup! The semis/finals were held at the Lou Fusz Soccer Complex on October 27-28. We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication our girls put into preparing for the State Cup! Their hard work paid off; FIVE Lou Fusz Girls teams advanced to the finals with 2 teams taking home a second place title and 3 teams taking home State Cup Champion titles! Congratulations to all of our teams that participated!

State Cup Winners

Congratulations to our State Cup winners: U16 Lou Fusz McKee, U17 Lou Fusz United Blue & U19 Lou Fusz Elam 00

State Cup Finalists


Congratulations to our State Cup finalists: U15 Lou Fusz McKey/McVey Blue & U17 Lagow/McKey Blue