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Official WPSL Expansion Team Coming to LFA In 2023

After a successful 2022 WPSL U21 Season, the WPSL approves LFA as the newest team to join the WPSL first tier. This team will be guided by longtime LFA Coach, Jeff Tottleben, and assisted by LFA Coach, Sean O’Rourke. Mirroring the depth of players from last year’s roster, next season’s roster will consist of local, top collegiate and post-grad female soccer players. These players continue to pave the way for women’s soccer in St. Louis and beyond.

Joining the WPSL as a 2023 Expansion Team is a huge step in a progressive direction for the club. LFA Managing Director, Dan Gargan, reiterates this by commenting, “It has been abundantly clear to me since moving to St. Louis that the young ladies in town are some of the best in the country. We need to do our part with organizations like the WPSL to further their development in the game.”

Since 1998, the WPSL strives to provide opportunities for soccer development at all levels across the country. The WPSL currently stands as the longest active women’s soccer league in the United States.

With this opportunity, LFA will seek to continue to grow the game of soccer for the St. Louis community and LFA Alums. “Taking another step and progressing our spot within the WPSL is a principle without our Club,” Gargan adds. “We had a very successful summer in 2022 with our alumni and will now be challenging our players again with an even higher level of competition in 2023 and beyond.”

The team will begin the roster process starting this December 2022. Check out our LFA WPSL Team social media @loufusz_wpsl for more information regarding upcoming Interested Player ID Sessions.

For more information on the WPSL’s acceptance of LFA as an Expansion Team, go to wpslsoccer.com or reach out to LFA via email at social@loufuszathletic.com.