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Young Athlete Center’s Winter Recovery Tips

St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Young Athlete Center is the official medical provider for Lou Fusz Athletic.

The athletic trainers from the Young Athlete Center provide resources, injury prevention programs, and medical support for all LFA athletes. Athletic trainers are on site at the Lou Fusz Athletic training center Monday – Thursday.

Off-Season Recovery

During the off-season, it is essential for athletes to take care of their body to reset and prepare for their return to play. With the following information as provided by St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Young Athlete Center, our athletes can train efficiently all year long.

Stretching is an important part of being an athlete. It should be a part of every practice or game varying by sport. Proper stretching and flexibility can help athletes prevent injuries and avoid soreness so your athlete can stay healthy and in the game. For more information on how stretching can be efficiently applied during an athlete’s off-season and how to get into a stretching routine, click here.

In addition, foot pain is not an uncommon complaint in many youth athletes of different sports. Foot pain can vary depending on shoes, activity, or the shape of the foot. Sometimes the pain can get severe and will require more intervention.

What can you do if your athlete experiences foot pain? Visit a Washington University Orthopedic Injury Clinic for a same-day or next-day appointment to get your athlete evaluated or click here for more information.

Additional Information

To learn more about our partnership with the Young Athlete Center, visit our partnership webpage here. Stay up to date on all things LFA by following our club on your favorite social media platforms – FacebookTwitterInstagram, LinkedInTikTok and YouTube!