October 29, 2022
Games between 8:30am-3:30pm
Lou Fusz Soccer Complex
2155 Creve Coeur Mill Road
St. Louis, MO. 63146
Boys & Girls
High School, Youth, and Club Teams
Full and 1/2 Field Options

Lou Fusz Athletic is excited to host the 11th annual Great Pumpkin Shootout on OCTOBER 29th, 2022.  The event is open to Boys and Girls Youth, High School, and Club teams. We will have divisions available for all levels of ability.  All games will be played on ONE DAY at the first class ALL SYNTHETIC TURF Lou Fusz Soccer Complex in St. Louis.  This tournament is intended to be a competitive, friendly event for all teams to celebrate our great sport in a fun atmosphere including appropriate level competition, Halloween themed prizes, and the traditional PUMPKIN SMASH.  Yes players will have the opportunity to try their hand at destroying our 'Great Wall of Pumpkins'.

Event Format
All games will be played on Saturday, October 29th between 8:30am and 3:30pm.  All teams will play 3, running clock games, each separated by a short break although some back to back game times may take place.  No finals nor playoffs are offered given the 'friendly' nature of this event.

Game / Age Group Details
(BOYS 10v10 / GIRLS 12v12) - 40 Minute Running Clock
HS 1/2 FIELD GAMES - $595
(BOYS & GIRLS 7v7) - 40 Minute Running Clock

(BOYS 10v10 / GIRLS 12v12) - 40 Minute Running Clock
14U: 1/2 FIELD GAMES - $595
(BOYS & GIRLS 7v7) - 40 Minute Running Clock

12U: 1/2 FIELD GAMES - $495
(BOYS & GIRLS 7v7) - 30 Minute Running Clock
10U: 1/2 FIELD GAMES - $495
(BOYS & GIRLS 5v5) - 30 Minute Running Clock

Important Dates
Application Deadline: October 17, 2022
Application Fee Paid By: October 17, 2022
Accepted Teams Notified:October 17, 2022
Brackets Posted: October 20, 2022
Schedule Posted: week of October 20, 2022

Open to Boys & Girls Youth, High School, and Club Teams. We follow US LACROSSE age brackets for youth 14U / 12U / 10U players.

This is a “Stay & Play” tournament; all out of town teams are required to stay in hotels approved by the Lou Fusz Athletic. Please contact our tournament staff for more specifics regarding event housing.

*All Lou Fusz Athletic events operate within the Covid-19 guidelines of St. Louis County, and the state of Missouri. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.*

Athletic Trainer Services
Children's Hospital & Washington University Physician's Young Athlete Center will be providing the Athletic Training services for LFA Facilities during the event.

Application Payment

Please pay using the PayPal button or mail us a check
including team name and tournament name in the subject line:
Lou Fusz Athletic
1 Athletic Dr,
Earth City, MO 63045

The field of play will consist of (2) Attack, (2) Midfielders, (2) defenders, and (1) goalie. OFFSIDES: Teams will play 4v4 on either half of the field. Substitutions are made on the fly through the designated substitution box. Teams can agree to play 2-3-2 if you have large rosters. Talk it over with coaches before game.

There will be a face-off to start each game. Defense, attack and goalies must stay behind the goal line extended (GLE) until possession is earned. Wing play for face-offs can be on either side of the face-off man. They must start with one foot on the sidelines.

Face-offs will be eliminated after goals allowing for the ball to be put into play as soon as the ball is taken out of the net. The play will begin on the whistle after the ball is possessed by a player other than the goalie on the defensive side of the field. Five yards must be given by the opposing team prior to the whistle.

Our weather guidelines are aligned with best practices. Adjustments made to games due to weather are at the discretion of the event committee (comprised of Event Director, LFA's staff, and Young Athlete Center's staff). It is our intention to provide a fun, playable, safe environment for all teams participating to get the competition they have come in search of. All games will be played on state of the art artificial turf fields…No rain outs! However, because all fields are playable during the rain, game stoppage can still occur due to hazardous conditions such as lightning/ thunder or temperature levels. Weather updates will be sent via email/text messages. As such,

• Games could be delayed or shortened. Games could also be rescheduled for a later time/date that weekend.
• Games played until/beyond halftime can be considered final at the moment stopped if necessary.
• For games played in 14U and younger divisions, adjustments/cancellations will be made when expected game time temperature is 18 degrees cold index with windchill. For games played in HS divisions, adjustments/cancellations will be made when expected game time temperature is 14 degrees cold index with windchill.
• Any additional changes to the schedule deemed necessary by the LFA Event Committee will be exercised with as much notice as possible for all teams involved.

In the event of a mandated or forced cancellation of the event due to Covid-19 our refund policy is as follows:

1. Teams will receive a full refund of their game related fees.  There is a maximum $35 administrative fee that is nonrefundable as this fee goes directly toward items that are reserved and paid for well in advance of the event kickoff.  Items such as field rental, referee scheduling, registration and payment acquisition fees, and the hundreds of hours of time that go into making the event operational.

2.  If a team has a player or staff member/affiliate test positive for Covid within 13 days of the kick off of the event, the team will be allowed to withdraw and will receive a refund, however a portion of their tuition will be retained to refund their three opponents who will have not received their 3 guaranteed games.

For example: your team is scheduled to play 3 games guaranteed.  ‘Opponent X’ is one of your opponents on Saturday of the event.  The Tuesday before the event ‘Opponent X’ notifies us that a player in their team tested positive for COVID-19.  Their team must 'quarantine' for 2 weeks and therefore cannot participate in the tourney.  Your team paid for 3 guaranteed games so your team would need to be refunded a portion of your tuition since you only received 2 games.  ‘Opponent X’ that had to drop out will cover part of your team’s refund and Lou Fusz will pay the rest.  Therefore, your team is not further inconvenienced. Opponent X does not lose all their committed event money, and we have all done our part to keep the event and the community healthy.

IF we are able to find your team a fill in, suitable 3rd opponent to replace ‘Opponent X’, then your team will play your 3 originally scheduled matches, and ‘Opponent X’ will not be required to pay this game fee.

We hope this clarification is helpful.  Unfortunately, there is no 'right' answer in all of this. Our organization is not immune to the effects of these cancellations.

Weather related cancellation refund policy remains as it has for many years and is in line with dozens of similar events of similar offering.  Teams that play no games receive no less than a 70% refund. If only 1 game played, no less than 50% refund given, if only 2 games played no less than 20% refund given.

3. If after being accepted, a team, by their choice, elects not to participate for any reason, will risk forfeiture of their entire registration fee.

Contact Todd Dillon