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Fusz Foundations are designed to improve a player’s fundamental soccer skills in a group environment. All classes are taught by our professional coaching staff teaching the “Fusz Way”. Players may be split into groups based on ability.

Fast Footwork Program

Fast Footwork

Technical routines in a tight amount of space providing players with thousands of touches on the ball in a short amount of time.


Finishing School

Multiple finishing stations allowing players to get hundreds of shots on goal. A few techniques we teach are inside foot finishing, volleys, finesse off the pass, and striking off the dribble.


Isg Training

Our Individual & Small Group (ISG) Training allows players seeking for additional training opportunities to be matched with an expert coach throughout the year. We offer individual and group training sessions for soccer, lacrosse and football players in the Greater St. Louis Metro Area.

Lou Fusz Athletic Fusz Technical Training

Technical Training

Our FREE Technical Training is offered to all current Lou Fusz teams/players as part of their club membership. We help players improve their ability on and off the ball in a challenging environment.



Our FAST (Footwork, Agility & Speed Training) program addresses these core athletic qualities from a general to specific format, connecting drills and skills.

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