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"The Lou Fusz Winter Showcase is a well run college recruiting event for our staff.  Each year dozens of teams from around the region attend and with all the games played at one venue, player visibility is very high.  The tournament puts together a very helpful, detailed profile book including information on each participating team and player, making it easy for us to identify a player that has contacted us ahead of time, or happens to catch our eye during the weekend.  This event is on par with any of the top recruiting tournaments in the Midwest."
— Paul Anderson, Washington Univ. St. Louis (Men's), NCAA D3
"Our staff has attended this showcase for 3 years in a row and will continue to come back every year. It fits neatly into our schedule and the level of teams is very good across the board. Coaches from Division 1 programs, all the way through to Junior College programs have players to see and it's easy to identify each team and player because of the leg work Lou Fusz put in ahead of time with their coach's player ID booklet.
— Nenad Todorovic, Lindenwood Univ. (Men's), NCAA D2

"I was able to identify several players in each of the years I have attended this event, that were a perfect fit for our program. The showcase checks all my needs and allows me to find some of the best talent in the Midwest, without having to travel all over the place. One of the 'hidden gems' in the showcase tournament calendar. "
— Rob Cummings, Missouri S&T (Men's), NCAA D2

“We have participated in many recruiting events over the years and yours was about as well run as we have seen. Well organized, wide variety of teams, quality level, great schedule, and communicated super well. It made our job easy! This was an excellent setup.
— Dave Musso, Lindenwood Univ. (Women’s), NCAA Div. 2

Thank you for extending the invitation and I look forward to being a part of this event in the future.  All the best and thanks for such a great event and housing accommodations.
— Chris Brown, Loyola Chicago (Women’s), NCAA Div. 2

Thank you for all the hard work you all have done to put this event together. I really appreciated you hosting us and helping us navigate the event during the weekend. We have been working hard to bring in more Lou Fusz players into our program because of the style of play and awareness of the game. We are excited to continue communicate with you all. Thank you again for everything!
— Scott Myers, Illinois State (Women’s), NCAA Div. 1

Great level of play.  Well communicated information and schedule.  Great use of our recruiting time.  Look forward to having more Lou Fusz Athletic involvement with our program and attending your events next year.
— Renee Horton, Xavier University (Women’s), NCAA Div. 1

Very pleased with the time we were able to spend seeing this high level group of players.  The organization of the event was very well done and communicated promptly.  Your showcase events are providing a great service and opportunity for both the prospective players, and the college programs in attendance.  Happy to have been part of it and looking forward to doing so again next year.
— Janet Rayfield, Univ. of Illinois (Women’s), NCAA Div. 1

One of the best run player identification programs I have been part of. Worth the trip as the level of play, coach accommodations, schedule, and many other factors made our staff’s time efficient and enjoyable.
— Roman DuChateau, Western Kentucky Univ. (Women’s), NCAA Div. 1

The player profile/bio booklet made it very easy to keep track of the players throughout the weekend and helped us with our scouting tremendously. We were able to identify several players that matched the criteria we were looking in our upcoming recruiting class. Well run operation. Schedule and organization were properly managed throughout the weekend to maximize everyone's time, exposure, and experience.
— Mario Sanchez, SIUE (Men's), NCAA Div. 1

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